Een vliegtuig wat gaat landen op de landingsbaan, een visuele vergelijking met hoe een bezoeker kan landen op een landingspagina

What is a landing page and what is it used for?

A landing page is a page on your website that a visitor “lands on” after clicking on, for example, an advertisement created by you on Facebook.

The purpose of a landing page is to convert: you want the visitor to perform an action, for example to leave his data or download an e-book.

Landing pages are often an underestimated part of the conversion process: people look too much at how they build the advertisement and copy it in the landing page, the thought “if I have a good advertisement on which people click then they will buy the product / fill in their data ”without further guiding the page visitors or sending them to the desired action while that is the ultimate goal of both the advertisement and the landing page!

What can you do to ensure that visitors actually take the right action?

The answer can of course be different for each type of visitor or action or need group (I deliberately do not say target group because ultimately you can be much more focused by looking at the needs of your target group, so you have already taken the first step, so with some research to what the needs of your target group are and following the checklist below will get you a long way!

  1. A good appearance (logo, the right colors and layout).
  2. Keep it short and powerful (less is more).
  3. USPs (unique selling points): benefits / solutions / added value, the difference, opinions of others.
  4. Use bullet points to substantiate your offer / USPs.
  5. Images (a photo says more than 1000 words)
  6. Ensure that there are no distracting elements such as links and menu navigation (this depends on the purpose).
  7. Thank you page (except a purchase in a webshop).
  8. A short and simple contact form (the more information visitors have to fill in the sooner they drop out).
  9. The Call 2 Action.
  10. Relevance (leave out all information that is not related to what you want to achieve).


To make the phases in the process clearer (for yourself) you can use the “AIDA model”:

  • ATTENTION: how do you attract attention?
  • INTEREST: how do you arouse interest?
  • DESIRE: how do you ensure that the reader also wants this?
  • ACTION: how do you convince them to take action?

So: what is “for sale”, what is the difference with other providers and what are the benefits for the “buyer”.

Want to know more or need help? Get in touch!

Een vliegtuig op een landingsbaan, een landingsbaan associeer ik met een landingspagina

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