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Better known as: SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is the name given to all activity that attempts to improve search engine rankings.

In the search results Google™ or any other search engine displays links to pages it considers authoritative and relevant to the keyword based search.

Authority is mostly measured by analysing the number and quality of links from other web pages, this simply means your web pages have the potential to rank higher in Google™ as long as other web pages link to them.

By making sure your website has the proper content, keywords, images, links etc you will have a much bigger change to be found in organic searches.

Keywords are search terms that people use to find the information they need.

But what words are used and why?

To find this out, we do keyword research.

It would be a shame to create pages for various words and write good content and then find out that there is (almost) no traffic on these words!

There are various ways to find this out, for example you can just enter a word in Google and immediately see that this word is supplemented with various suggestions.

This way you can see which words people use in their searches.

I also use various tools to find out the actual number of searches per word, per country, per province, per language, etc., whatever is needed to find the right words.

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An SEO title (also called title tag) is the title of a page and is visible both at the top of the browser tab and as the top sentence in the search results.

It is the first thing people look at when searching for information and therefore very important to get visitors to your site.

A good SEO title always contains the keyword, if someone searches for a tennis racket and your title is about washing machines, then nobody will click on it (and your page probably won’t be in the relevant results at all).

In addition to the keyword, the company name / brand name is often mentioned in order to strengthen the name and experience (or better yet people already have a positive image of this brand / company, which makes them more likely to click on this link).

As the 3rd, an SEO title is often provided with an invitation or “call to action” for example: “looking for a tennis racket?” Or “NOW a 35% discount on all tennis rackets!” To tempt people to click on this link.

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In the end its all about the content..

People are looking on the internet for information about almost everything: products, services, ways to solve a problem and so on.
Nowadays the first step is almost always going online and search for information.
Wether it is information about vacations or travel, about clothing, about car insurance, about mortgages or anything else, the search will most likely start online.

Search engines only look at the content, what does it say, how is it written, does it match the keyword etc.
Design is relevant for visitors, not for search engines.

And although it is true that you make your website for your (potential) customers and not for a search engine, without good content your site will not be on the spot it probably deserves in the search results!

And i don’t have to explain the difference between being on the 1st and 5th or 10th page, right?
Combine good content with design and the right “call to action” and you can start with converting.

Content is the core of SEO!

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All internal and external links on your website are a form of link building.

External links to your website are called backlinks.
The basis for link building is good content, with good content you generate interest and other sites want to link to this content, which may increase the amount of backlinks.

You can also increase the internal link structure with good content: good references in information to other relevant information, making it easier for the visitor to find his way and therefore less likely to drop out and start searching for the desired information on another site.

Search engines not only look at the number of links, but also at the quality of the content that is linked to, whether the subject is related to the referral, the page authority, etc.

Link building is an important part of SEO but only relevant if the structure and content of the website and pages are of good quality.

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