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Web / app development is a collective name that is used for everything that has to do with the realization of a website, webshop or other web solution.

Websites and such can be made in any system, although this is often not desirable and also depends on the wishes of you as a customer.

I mainly work with WordPress, this is sufficient for most websites for small businesses and it is easy to set up and maintain, so the costs remain within margin.

But extensive customization is also possible, such as Magento for larger web stores or React Native for (native) apps.

If all wishes have been incorporated into the design, then we start building, if all feedback has been processed and everything is as needed, we will finish the project and if desired we will provide with a training of how to make changes and maintain the website/webshop.

Developing a website is a interesting process because a good website is much more than just a digital business card. I also look at the right structure, navigation and desired interaction and make one or more designs based on that.

Your wishes and requests and the potential visitors are the central point:

How are we going to connect the pages to each other (link them to each other), how can the visitor easily navigate through the site, what actions should he or she be able to take and why?

By keeping these wishes and requests as the guidelines we develop a website that totally meets your demands.

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A webshop has a lot of the same needs when it comes to the right structure and navigation but the big difference is ofcourse that you want people to make a purchase!

Because this is the basic foundation of a webshop the customer journey is (even more) the core of the design.

By making the purchase process as easy as possible with as less steps as possible, the proper payment methods and so on we create the base of your webshop.

Categorizing products is another (important) step: the better we categorize products, the easier your visitors will likley find what they need and make a purchase.

Want to get some inspiration? View the demos or portfolio.

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An app is a small computer program for a smartphone, tablet and sometimes also a laptop / desktop.

With an app, a certain activity can be performed, such as banking, downloading music, chatting or social media.

There are 3 types of apps: the web app, the native app and the hybrid app.

The web app is a mobile version of a website and only shows the important parts.
A native app is an app developed for 1 platform (Apple iOS, Android, Windows mobile), this has the disadvantage that it entails higher costs because you have to develop an app per operating system, but the advantages are that you can make maximum use of the functionalities of the device, the apps are often faster than hybrid apps (because they are developed for a specific platform) and you have access to the smartphone library for media use.
A well-known native app is the Paypal app.
A hybrid app combines both: the basis is structured like a native app and in addition, part of the content is filled by a website.

Want to get some inspiration? View the demos or portfolio.

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€ 1095,-

an iphone with all options from the website basic package on it

€ 1595,-

an iphone with all options from the website complete package on it

€ 1795,-

an iphone with all options in the webshop package on it
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