Webshops are more popular than ever and there is no better time to start one. It can seem complicated knowing how and where to start. The design of a webshops is of course all about converting, we can help you with this.

The importance of a proper design

A webshop has many of the same needs as a website when it comes to proper structure and navigation. Only there is one clear action in a webshop that is always the key point of interest: making a purchase. Webdesign is crucial when designing an online shop. Good webdesign is all about using the right colors, fonts, words, categories and images to convince visitors to make that purchase. The design should attract potential customers, provide a great user experience and put your store in the best light. In addition to looking and “feeling” like your unique brand, your store should also encourage you to take action. The user experience, also called “customer journey”, is at the heart of the design. When the design does its job, the buyer will experience a smooth and seamless experience. The products are beautifully presented, articles are easily found on keywords and payment is easy. When a design thwarts the buying process and frustrates the user, chances are that the buyer will not even reach the shopping cart. You want to avoid confusing or annoying the user as this can cost you a purchase. That is how important the design of an online store is.
The design of a webshop is therefore usually sleeker and more functional than with a “normal” website or digital business card.

een schets van het bestelproces bij een webshop, van aankoop tot betalen en thuis bezorgd
webshop geschreven met scrabble letters en op de achtergrond een winkelwagen

How we work

We always start with mapping out your wishes and take you through the entire design process. By visually designing it as clearly and functionally as possible, keeping the purchasing process simple with as few steps as possible and adding the right payment methods, we create the basis of your webshop. Categorizing products is another (important) step: the better we categorize products, the easier your visitors find articles and eventually buy them. In this way, we jointly develop a webshop that is completely tailored to your target group, that is customer-oriented and meets your requirements.

A logically designed webshop contributes to customer retention and a higher conversion.

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