Corporate identity


A corporate identity is seen as one of the most crucial marketing components. It identifies and differentiates you as a brand from other brands in the market. It also contributes to a positive experience with your product/service, which can boost sales.

The power of a corporate identity

A good and recognizable corporate identity can have an overall impact on your company. It changes the way people perceive your brand and how you are known to the consumer.

In addition, it can generate business and increase brand awareness. It is the basis of every design and visual expression, and one of the most important practices in the branding process.

In addition, it is almost well known that unconscious perceptions influence customers in the purchasing process. The most successful companies spend a lot of money to ensure that the public does not forget a product or brand. And it can even evoke positive emotions. The more you remember a brand, the more the design of a good corporate identity has done its job.

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logo, kleuren, lettertypes en vormen allemaal onderdeel van een huisstijl en dus het ontwerp


The corporate identity consists of a logo, fonts, colors, symbols and is based on the identity of an organization and/or the message that a company wants to convey. The logo is one of the most important elements of the corporate identity. It is, as it were, the face of the company and makes the first impression. A professional and powerful logo design, which is also easy to remember, is therefore very important. By consistently using all elements, such as the logo, colors, typography (font), design language (grids/surfaces/curves/layout) in your website, on business cards, in emails, company clothing and other expressions, you ensure recognition.

From demands to design

Do you want to design a new corporate identity or do you want to improve your existing one? We proactively think along with you and map out your wishes. By thoroughly investigating who you are as a company, what you want to radiate and what your core values ​​are, we develop a corporate identity that fully represents your company.

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