About me

Why i started.
How can i help you?
The start:

A short story about us: I started building websites because I needed a website for one of my own ideas, the person who was supposed to build my site was often unavailable and a lot of my wishes were “not possible” … in my eyes, this was not possible, my idea wasn’t something completely new and the arguments why it could not be done were quite vague.
So I started building myself, it turned out to be quite an enourmous project and I realised that this was not easy to do.
Throughout this process i learned what is needed when it comes to making a proper and complete website and slowly people around me started asking if I could help them with setting up or adapting their website.
And that is how my business was born.
Because I sincerely believe that you cannot excel in all aspects: design, development, marketing etc. I work together with other specialists whenever necessary to always be able to meet your demands!

Curious about what I could do for you? Let me know!
Best regards, Nick

een foto van Nick van ELAXXL, over ons: wie zijn wij?
Because i am are aware of the fact that many aspects of web design, development, online marketing, etc. are unclear for a lot of people, i actively think along with you. What is the way to go to fit your business / business philosophy / objectives.
After all, you didn’t approach me for no reason, did you? ?
Design, development, hosting, marketing etc. all these areas have overlapping points with each other and you can’t be a specialist at all of them, at least not well enough in my opinion, that is why I work together with specialists in their own field.
So that together we can deliver high-quality work that meets your demands and can therefore be adjusted and scaled as desired, instead of having to take a step back first.
It may surprise you, but there are still (a lot of) companies that want to state the frameworks and guidelines to their customers, i always choose to proactively think along with you, but ultimately you decide what does and what doesn’t suit your business /businessgoals.
Makes sense, right?
After we have made a good plan together it is of course effective and pleasant for both parties if we can build on this, so i always strive for long-term collaborations to create something beautiful together!